SHAHNAVA ART CORP. music academy based in Toronto is an institution

specialized in developing Iranian Music and appreciate the art of

music in general as part of general culture.

Shahnava company’s focus is on persian traditional music in both

vocal classes and Iranian instrument training classes, the

company’s target is to be a link between different cultures to

share the art and experiences with each other. Vocal classes will

be provided in the institute under the supervision of Mahdieh

Mohammad khani the CEO/Director of the Company. music instrumental

training classes will be under supervision of well-known Iranian

Maestros and Music players. Shanava’s  Iranian instrumentalist

training includes; Santur, Rud, Tar, Durat, Setar, Chang, Qanun,


Throughout world’s history, Iranian music influenced other cultures

in West Asia, building up much of the musical terminology of the

neighboring Turkic and Arabic cultures, and reached India through

the 16th-century Persianate Mughal Empire, whose court promoted new

musical forms by bringing Iranian musicians. Iranian Music consists

of characteristics developed through the country’s classical,

medieval, and contemporary eras. Due to the exchange of musical

science throughout history, many of Iran’s classical melodies and

modes are related to those of its neighboring cultures. Iran’s

classical art music also functions as a spiritual tool. SHAHNAVA

ART CORP. is a way to share Iranian music and culture with other

nationalities to Help people enjoy life the most.